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Author: Fakhri Al-Arashi
Publisher & Chief Editor
Category: Social & Community, Date November 2nd, 2011

TAWQ: A New Political Movement Starts Strong


Friday loyalist prayer in Yemen

By National Yemen

Sunday November 30th, Democratic Awakening Movement (TAWQ) announced its official launch at Sheba Hotel in the presence of different varieties of politic, diplomatic and businessmen player who are looking a new political party in the Republic of Yemen. TAWQ was expected to announce its formation six months ago in which has been postponed three times due to the political escalation that have defined the past nine months.

The founders of TAWQ movement define themselves by their slogan of “Civil Yemen” and believe they are an a unique position to share their ideas and vision for the future Yemen during the ongoing conflicts.

Abdulghani Al-Eryani, General  Secretary of TAWQ gave a speech on the state of the movement stressed that they are not a political party and will not stand by any parties in the dialogue on the sharing of political power. Instead, Al-Eryani said “we are group of people who will practice pressure on all the parties. “

“We represent the dream of our members who are looking for the civil state and law.  We will stay in the position of supervisor once the political process moves in and express our opinions about the civil state once this come true” said Al-Eryani.

The launch today is the movement’s first step and in the near future it will open up for membership in all the governorates of Yemen within the framework of the new changes and development that takes place in the political ground.

The movement’s goal is to build its membership base from people from every party in Yemen who want to have discussions on Yemen’s future. By doing this, Al-Eryani believes that the movement will not just readymade solutions but create theories based on the opportunities, values and principles that all Yemenis share.

“We are looking after the peaceful power transition to build civil state and we know that the whole community is looking peaceful transition as per the gulf initiative. Our movement is for those who complain about the application of law, marginalization, and those who don’t receive proper services,” said al-Eryani.

The goals of TAWQ are to:

  • Build the modern civil state
  • Bring the focus of concerns on the human individual and their individual rights
  • Guarantee respect of human rights, as per religious and international laws for human rights
  • Prioritize law
  • Identify the relationship between state and religion and ideological theories
  • Create equal opportunities for all
  • Create media independence
  • Enhance civil awareness
  • Independent military and security forces
  • Prioritize women as an important partner in building Yemen
  • Enhance the political role of Yemeni youth
  • Develop rules and respect human intellectual property
  • Enhance social responsibility for an active economy
  • Reform Yemen’s role in the Arab, Regional, Islamic and International platforms

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