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Author: Fakhri Al-Arashi
Publisher & Chief Editor
Category: Sports, Date July 13th, 2013

Yemen Union Football Declares Bankruptcy

National Yemen

Yemen Union Football discuss foreign participation

By NY Staff

The Yemeni General Union of Football has approved the suspension of foreign participation by the league in Arab and Asian competitions due to the financial crisis and lack of necessary capacities to prepare teams for local or regional participations. Secretary General of the Union Dr. Hamid al-Shaibani stated that the union is going through difficult circumstances because the Ministry of Youth and Sport has not paid them their allotted money. “We have received nothing for three years, and the ministry owns us more than YR 900 million,” he informed National Yemen.

He added that he was assigned by union administration to contact the Asian Association of Football to apologize for their non-participation in the championships of the coming months. He informed them that he would explain the reasons behind their suspended participation. “Our teams at all levels were supposed to start preparing during July for coming participations, but could not,” he stated. Al-Shaibani noted that they were required to inform the Asian and Arab Association of the withdrawal in a timely manner to avoid any late penalties or punishments that would only increase their suffering.

Al-Shaibani concludes by saying  that the union delayed holding the honoring ceremony for its champions due to the lack of financial support.

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