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Before It’s Too Late

Written by NY Staff

By PM Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar

There are no solutions to the country’s complex crisis that a party, governorate, or even territory can impose on all other members of society. What we are in is the product of the Houthi coup against legitimacy and the collective will of society, and the fear is that this will be repeated in Aden, consciously or unconsciously from the voices in the South, and that our victories here will turn into defeats.

There is a national consensus made by the Yemeni people, sponsored by our brothers and the international community, and abandoning that will have two consequences: First, the fall of the republic in the northern provinces, which this is happening now. The second is the fall of the state in the southern provinces and the exposure of the geography of the country to many possibilities, including protracted conflict and the loss of irreplaceable long-term gains and interests.

What happened in Aden does not deal with the temporal agitation that the Southern grievance discourse evokes. This time, the oppressor faces a new resurgence of local and regional conflicts that have not yet fully taken root. Calling the southern people oppressed will not provide sufficient and adequate solutions to the general crisis, although it raises the voice of the oppressed who have been crushed by exclusion, abolition, and the confiscation of rights for a quarter of a century. We in Yemen need some time to take a deep breath and think deeply about where we are, and unfortunately the enemy does not allow us to do so.

In my opinion, the federal civil state will remain the political and regulatory framework for making equal citizenship possible, preventing further disintegration and guaranteeing rights and liberties. Inspired by human experience, this is the best method of distributing power and wealth.

The fall of the Yemeni federal state project, which we agreed on in form and content at the National Dialogue Conference, or the replacement of legitimacy by force with any illegitimate elections and ballot boxes, will change the course of events and wars in our country and encourage our enemy. The elements and forces of conflict on the ground will lose their arguments. The international community will press for solutions that will not end the coup, as much as they lead to reconciliation with it. This world is governed by laws and regulations, not by our will, even if this sometimes seems fair.

It remains to say that the brothers in the coalition and all Arabs cannot go silent as they watch the events in the liberated areas of Yemen. There are correct words that need to be said now, and if they are delayed they will not be useful tomorrow. Some aspects of the crisis in Aden can be controlled by the coalition. Aden and its crisis today, either the beginning of addressing the problems or the beginning of the defeat, will grow with the upcoming days. THe crisis will grow with tributaries that have doubled the depth of the crisis of the entire Arab nation.

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