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82 school students per class in Sana’a

The Cabinet discussed a report on the overcrowding of public school classrooms in the capital Sana’a and its inherently negative effects on the quality of education. The report outlined an average of 82 students per class.

The report, submitted by Minister of State and Mayor of Sana’a, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Akwa’a, pointed out the causes of the problem and its effects on the educational process as well as proposals of immediate and medium term solutions to address this problem.

An estimated 4,300 classrooms need to significantly reduce their numbers, the report outlined.

The report revealed that the rate of growth in the number of students, which has reached, 55,000 students enrolled in primary schools alone in the capital, and the non-expansion of schools are among the main reasons for this problem. The unprecedented internal migration from various provinces to the capital, and increased urbanization on the city outskirts, and the lack of land or sites to create or build new schools in some districts has also exacerbated the problem.

The report highlighted that there are 82 students per class on average.

The Cabinet approved the formation of a committee from Ministers with roles relevant to education, to study the proposals included in the report and create the necessary solutions, which included a plan to build 814 new classrooms per academic year, a total of 4,070 classrooms over the next five years.