Arab Fencing Federation Awards Yemen Best Team

By Mohammed Al-Bahri, Bairut

The Arab Federation for Fencing honored our national children and juniors’ team with the Victor Haddad cup, signifying Yemen’s place as the best team in the 17th Arab championship, which was recently hosted in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The Yemeni team, one of 11 in the championship, was honored by the Secretary-General of the Arab Fencing Federation Dr. Khaled Atyyat, who welcomed Yemen’s return to the sport. The coach of the national team, Mr. Zubair Abdul-Salam, received the cup.

The Arab Federation also honored those who contributed to the success of the championship, among them being the Secretary-General of the Yemen Federation for Fencing Mr. Bassam Bishr.

The award is a great boost for the morale of the players of our national children and juniors team, in addition to the individual results they achieved in the championship, after an absence from the Arab fencing arena since 2006.

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