Sana’a Oil Conference Promises Investment

After intensive preparations the 3rd Oil, Gas and Minerals Conference begins tomorrow in Sana’a with more than 300 conference delegates registered. Up to ten hydrocarbon blocks are expected to be sold, and 11 opportunities for mineral mining investments will also be on show.

Around 80 delegates are from international companies with headquarters in Europe, East Asia and the Middle East, representing almost 30 international oil companies.

Around seventy-five scientific papers were initially submitted in the call for papers by the preparation committee of the conference. However, only 30 of the most important scientific papers, directly related to the events of the conference, have been selected.

The conference is geared to promote investment opportunities in the oil, gas and mineral industries, with these opportunities being presented in the conference. The conference expects to agreements reached for many oil, gas and mineral investment opportunities.

Ten onshore and offshore sectors will be open for direct negotiation, in addition to eleven investment opportunities in the field of minerals.

The Ministry of Oil and Minerals will keep to the objectives meant for holding the conference and place Yemen firmly “upon the map” and thereby attracting oil, gas and minerals investment.

The oil blocks presented in the conference will include detailed information on the current status and findings of oil and gas exploration, and any studies and surveys conducted on them.

36 oil companies currently operate in Yemen, ten of which are oil production operators working across 12 producing hydrocarbon blocks.