Shura Council Chairman Watches Al-Sha’bi Fencing Championship Finals

Last week the events of the 2nd Qahtan Al-Sha’bi championship for fencing and equestrian events concluded last Wednesday at the Police College for Fencing in Sana’a.

The youth championship was concluded in the presence of the Chairman of the Shura Council Mr. Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Ghani, the Minister of State for the Parliament and Shura Affairs, Ahmed Al-Kuhlani, Minister of Information, Dr. Mohammed Abu Bakr Al-Miflihi, Sheikh Hashed Al-Ahmar, Vice Minister of Youth and Sports and the Chairman of the Yemen Federation for Equestrian and Camels.

The final competitions of the tournament including barrier jumping for children and juniors of one round over 11 barriers with the height of 60 to 70 cm, with the participation of 24 jockeys.

In the results of the competitions, Jockey Ilias Mu’adh Al-Khamisi, on his horse “Masha’ Allah” from the stud of Sheikh Al-Ahmar, won first place at a time of 47 seconds. Jockey Amro Al-Zabeedi, on his horse “Al-Anqa’a” from the Horsemanship Club, won second place by 47.23 seconds; while Jockey Anas Al-Matari won third place by 48.58 seconds on his horse “Al-Saqlawyah from the Police College.

Jockey Al-Bara’ Al-Ghazali, on his horse “Al-Zahrah” from the stud of Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar, won the fourth place by 48.71 seconds; while Jockey Amjad Shadhan won fifth place by 48.89 seconds on his horse “Al-Baida’a” from the Police College.

The competitions of the championship for the children category, which was inaugurated last Saturday resulted in the Jockey Mostafa Shaye’s winning first place, from the Police College, followed by Jockey Amjad Shadhan in the second place and Jockey Monther Al-Dubba from the Military College in the third place.

Thirty-two jockeys participated in the competitions of the championship, representing seven bodies: the Police College, the Military College, the Yemen Club for Equestrian, the Stud of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar, Al-Jar Farm and the Yemen Economic Corporation.