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Al-Khawlani Confirms Capability to Organize Best Gulf 20 Cup Tournament

Mr. Hussein Ali Al-Khawlani, Youth & Sport Ministry consultant and Chairman of the Yemen Federation of Sport for All, has expressed great confidence in the capability of the Yemen Football Association (YFA) that it will successful organize and execute the Gulf 20 football tournament, and will be one of the best tournaments of the Arab Gulf Cup.

Al-Khawlani said that his great confidence comes from the fact that football “has become a game of the people and money.”

“People are interested in enormous stadiums and good TV coverage. Our country has paid great attention to building huge facilities in Aden and Abyan with hundreds of billions of riyals and has assigned exclusive broadcast to one of the best Arabic sports channels (Abu Dhabi Sports Channel),” he added.

Organizing such large football championships is a tough task, with one of the greatest challenges lie with refereeing such intense tournaments.

People are having doubts about the success of Gulf 20; Al-Khawlani responded to this by saying, “Everybody had doubts about South Africa hosting the World Cup … However, South Africa impressed the world with its sports facilities.”

Al-Khawlani said, “Let everybody rest assured of the capabilities of the work coming from the Yemeni sports federations in good organization and hosting. The Arabs and Asians were impressed by our country’s hosting of many sports tournaments, the last of which being the Arab-Asia Judo Tournament and the Asia Youth Basketball Tournament.”

“Also, the YFA has succeeded, with qualifying itself with experience of hosting international sports events,” he added.

He called on the people of the Gulf to come to Yemen, to feel safe in a country of hospitality and authenticity.