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British Embassy Relocates Visa Section

Sources confirmed that in the wake of the ambush on the car of the British Deputy Head of Mission to Yemen this month that the British embassy has decided to close its visa section for the foreseeable future.

Visa applicants from Yemen are now required to make an initial application online. If successful the applicant will then have to travel to Abu Dhabi to complete their visa application. It is thought that applications will now take up to a year to process.

The closure of the visa section comes amidst a spate of embassies in Sana’a scaling down their presence after heightened concerns of attacks against foreign interests and foreign nationals in the country.

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  • Yes, looks very much strict now British embassy and as a result now getting visa will be very time consuming for the visitors. Though I think it will be good for the both host country and visitors but need to do more flexibility as well. I hope that good things will come for sure:)