Yemen Grants Citizenship to Africans Players Amboyo and Mochimba

The Technical Director of the Yemen Football Association (YFA) the Ethiopian Abraham Mebrtu, has succeeded in convincing the YFA of naturalizing two Africans, Amboyo and Mochimba, for the purpose of joining them in the Yemeni national team for the Gulf 20 tournament in order to strengthen the offense line beside the team’s international scorer Ali Al-Noonoo.

However, the Croatian Coach of the Yemeni team, Strishco, brushed off the comments saying that the idea of naturalizing players was very old and he introduced it to the association in order to make use of players in enhancing the chances of the Yemeni team, akin to the teams of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

He said there was not enough time to include them in the team because the team has finished is coming to the end of its intense preparatory session.

He added, “However, I’ll follow up the two players in matches, and the Football Association will decide whether its possible for them to join the team at a later date, despite the difficult preparations.”

Strishco said that putting the two players Ahmed Al-Baidhani and Yaser Al-Shaybani on the first team will be better than placing the two African players on the forward lines for this tournament.