Ministry of Trade, Industry Initiates National Industry Survey

The Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) last week launched an unprecedented comprehensive industrial survey which is to be carried out in cooperation with the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) during the period from 25th October to 24th December.

Mr. Abdul-Ilah Shaiban, Deputy Minister of Trade & Industry and Vice-Chairman of the Technical Committee for the survey, said that the next stage of survey will include field visits to all the targeted 52,721 industrial establishments.

The survey will be conducted by over 600 male and female researchers from the 14th November and who will be in all provinces surveying and gathering all data about major, minor, medium and conventional industrial establishments with their various legal structures and kinds, whether private or public sector; ranging from exploration companies to construction materials of any form that falls under the rubric “industry.”

Mr. Shaiban pointed out that the works that have been conducted during the last two years were preparatory office actions, as well as a preliminary experiment for assessing the suitability of surveying forms and analysing the difficulties and variables which took place after the 2004 survey of industrial warehouses was conducted.

Shaiban said that this is the second comprehensive industrial survey for industrial establishments in the republic and that “its importance lies in developing an industrial database, which will serve the planning process and strategic policies for developing the industrial sector.”

The Ministry of Trade & Industry is counting on the survey to provide data related to industrial establishments that would help in drawing development policies and courses, as well as providing basic information for various policies and programs, utilizing the data in analyzing projects and achieving positive integration between development plans and their implementation.

The survey will also provide an up-to-date and comprehensive database on the industrial sector, number and type of employees and the production costs, which will allow the government to determine the contribution of the industrial sector to gross domestic product (GDP), its impact on the national income and the horizons of developing it.