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Trial of Al-Qaeda Cell in Arhab

The Criminal Court, presided by Judge Mohsen Alwan, Chairman of the court, held a session last Monday for the trial of an alleged Al-Qaeda cell in Arhab, which includes:

– Yahya Dahhan Ali Radman
– Faraj Hadi Mas’ood Al-Ghadra
– Qasem Ali Saleh Al-Isami
– Ali Naser Ali Al-Qutaish.

The prosecution cited the evidence gathering reports and prosecution investigations with the defendants, which mentioned that the second defendant Faraj Hadi Al-Ghadra joined Al-Qaeda organization in 2008 and was the financial officer of the Arhab cell and that he traveled to Al-Jawf with the cell leader, Mohammed Al-Hanaq and the military officer of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Qasem Al-Raimi.

The defendant also met with him another time in Arhab and that he was one of those who were assigned to launch an attack on one of the military check points, although the operation was later aborted.

The defendant also performed surveillance and reconnaissance operations to find a location for attacking Sana’a Airport and that he won over a number of people to the Al-Qaeda wing in Arhab.

He was also supposedly involved in a shooting exchange with the security forces while the group was launching a retaliatory attack after the arrest of Hizam Mujalli.

The third defendant Qasem Ali Saleh Al-Isami was charged with joining the terrorist wing a year ago, meeting with its military officer, Qasem Al-Raimi, in Al-Jawf and Jum’aan Safyan, the Al-Qaeda cell leader in Al-Jawf.

Purportedly Qasem Al-Raimi gave them a lecture on the need for jihad against Yemen because “it is loyal to the apostates as well as the need to target western embassies in Yemen and tourists.”

The fourth defendant Ali Naser Ali Al-Qutaish was alleged to have been influenced by the ideology of Al-Qaeda organization and joined it through Faraj Hadi Al-Ghadra, who was lecturing them on the jihad and giving them examples of the youth of Arhab who undertook jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq and their heroic roles.

Al-Qutraish was assigned by the Arhab cell’s leader to conduct surveillance on the main road in Bait Marran Arhab when the Japanese engineer was abducted last year and report when military convoys passed.

However, Al-Qutraish was apprehended during confrontations with the military campaign that was assigned to arrest Hizam Mujalli.

The prosecution also cited the previous charges against Faraj Hadi Mas’ood Al-Ghadra, who was tried in the case of abduction of German tourists in 1996 and was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but was released by presidential pardon, after serving only two.

The prosecution has also presented the medical report of the defendant Faraj Al-Ghadra, which provides that he had a gunshot wound in the right arm cutting the nerve and that he needed a surgical operation soon. The defendant however refused to receive treatment in the Police Hospital.

At the close of the hearing session, the court ordered the prosecution to bring the first defendant Yahay Dahhan Ali Radman to the next session for their defence, through evidence gathering reports and their responses to the prosecution’s investigation next Monday.