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Trial of the Two Journalists Shaye’ and Al-Shami

Journalist Abdul-Ilah Haidar Shaye’ announced that he had been abducted on the day they launched missiles on Abyan and Shabwah and in Arbaa.

“On that day they decided to arrest me and you may have noticed how, in trial, they turned all my journalistic works into charges. My communications with satellite channels have been turned into charges in Yemen where a successful journalist became indicted,” he said.

These words were quoted in a session held on Tuesday 26th October 2010, presided by Judge Ridhwan Al-Namer for the trial of Abdul-Ilah Shaye’ and Abdul-Karim Al-Shami, the two journalists of Al-Jazeera Net.

The prosecution had brought the two journalists for trial on the indictment of being involved in an armed gang and their promotion and spreading the news of Al-Qaeda.

In court, the prosecution exhibited interviews, communications and news which were conducted between Abdul-Ilah Haidar with Anwar Al-Awlaqi, as well as his communications with international satellite channels.

When the court asked whether these accusations recited by the prosecution were true, Abdul-Ilah Haidar said, “Unfortunately, there are a group of people who made fun of you and of your authority three times. In July 11th they forced me to disappear and stole my laptop. The second time was when forced me to disappear for 35 days and the third time was when they requested the judiciary authority to extend my imprisonment without conducting an investigation into the prior procedures whether they were legitimate and sound or not, and you extended my imprisonment by 30 days,” he said.

“This is the fourth time when the term of my imprisonment is over without extension. I demand that you, if at all possible, to bring such people, who breached the authority of this judiciary, to this court and ask them about these violations and breaches. If you bring them, I will go along with this court,” he added.

“If not, I reject this trial because this court did not bring those who abducted me and stole my laptop computer and I reject this trial because it did not investigate into what really happened to me,” he went on.

Abdul-Karim Al-Shami responded, “I, too, reject this trial for the reasons mentioned by Abdul-Ilah Haidar.”

After that, the court decided to enable the prosecution to present evidence against the two defendants in the next session which will be held on 2nd November 2010.