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Tribal Militias Intercept Sa’ada Youth Sports Teams

Despite the media black out by security and local authorities in the province of Sa’ada, National Yemen newspaper learned that the sports delegation, which was carrying youth sports teams from Sa’ada sports clubs, that was heading to Sana’a to conduct two matches with Al-Orubah team and the Sports for All Center in the directorate of Al-Wahda on 14th October was intercepted by a group of the Houthi fighters who refused to allow them to go to Sana’a.

Sources said that while returning to the Sa’ada governorate the delegation was later robbed by some of the tribesmen.

Mr. Mojahed Al-Taiyeb, Chairman of the Sports for All Federation branch in Sa’ada, confirmed to the newspaper that the delegation returned the road from Sa’ada to Sana’a was closed off by unknown tribes.

However, he refused to comment on the incident of theft, saying that that the local authority in Sa’ada “required discretion.”