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Second Trial Hearing of Journalists Shaye’ and Al-Shami

The Al-Jazeera Net journalist, Abdul-Ilah Haidar Shaye’, currently standing on trial in the Criminal Court, presided by Judge Ridhwan Al-Namer, still rejects the basis of the trial until the court brings in those who abducted him for thirty-five days. On the 2nd November he said, “I abstain from dealing with this trial and demand to bring those who abducted me.”

The judge responded, “The defendant has the right to present procedural defenses against the procedures taken against him since he had been detained until he was referred to the prosecution and then brought to the court. He has to explain any points he believes illegal. If the defendant believes that his detention and imprisonment is a crime, then he has the right to file a complaint, which will be presented to the prosecution for investigation.”

“Now, you have two choices; either you present your defense of the illegality of the procedures taken, or you file a complaint that we will refer to the prosecution to investigate it,” the judge added.

Abdul-Ilah Haidar responded, “I still reject and abstain until those who abducted me and stole my laptop and hid me for 35 days are present. The investigators in the National Security told me: “Abdul-Ilah, stop dreaming of a constitution or a law that protects you. Your statements on Al-Jazeera and on the international satellite channels have crossed the line and you will pay.” They came up with the trial in court as a tool of the destruction. Therefore, I demand to bring those who abducted me, and later I will deal with you.”

After that, the court judge, Ridhwan Al-Namer, adjourned the session until 9th November to enable the prosecution to lay the rest of evidence.