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Three killed in Yemen car bomb blast

By Mohammed al Qadhi (The National)

Three people were killed and at least 17 injured when a car bomb exploded on November 4th at a market in the southern city of Dhal›ea.

Early reports said the bomb was planted in a car belonging to the city›s chief of criminal investigations. Col Yahia al Shuaibi was injured in the blast, as well as three police officers.

The website of the ruling People›s General Congress blamed the incident on «outlaws,» in reference to the country›s southern separatist rebels, and said an investigation had begun into the attack.

Local sources said four people had been arrested in connection with the explosion.

For the past three years, the south has experienced public protests against economic and political marginalisation. Deadly clashes and arrests have marked the conflict between government troops and activists of the Southern Movement, which is seeking to re-establish an independent state since unification of north and south Yemen in 1990.

In a separate incident yesterday, a soldier manning a checkpoint in Dhal›e was shot by masked gunmen.

And a weekly protest against the detention of separatists drew hundreds into the city›s streets.