Yemen determined to complete requirements for joining WTO by 2010

SANA’A (Saba) – Minister Industry and Trade Yahya al-Mutawakil confirmed on Wednesday that Yemen is determined to complete requirements of accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) by end of this year.

This came after signing a bilateral agreement between Yemen and Honduras within the completion of requirements for Yemen’s accession to the WTO.

This agreement is the seventh one after signing similar agreements with European Union countries, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, in addition to the initial agreement with the United States of America.

Al-Mutawakil, Head of the National Committee which prepares and negotiates with the WTO, considers what has been achieved by Yemen at the level of bilateral and multiple negations as a real indication on the progress made towards the accession according to the schedule agreed upon with the organization.

“At the level of bilateral negotiations, Yemen still has to negotiate with only two states, Ukraine and El Salvador, and there are significant efforts to complete these negotiations and sign bilateral agreements with the two countries during the coming period”, said al-Mutawakil.

He noted in a statement to Saba of Yemen’s commitment to its obligations in the legislative aspects through the package of legislation approved by the government and referred to the Parliament, which in turn endorsed a number of them.

Al-Mutawakil expressed his confidence and appreciation for the efforts made by the Parliament to complete the issuance of the rest of the laws and regulations required within the completion of the accession.

The agreement, signed yesterday in Geneva by Yemen’s permanent representative to the UN Ibrahim al Adoufi and Honduran ambassador to the WTO Dacio Castillo, included offers on access to markets in goods and services areas.