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Mystery Surrounds Qat Market Blast

An explosion ripped through a qat market in the upscale Sana’a district of Hadda on Wednesday, injuring over a dozen people, three of whom remain in critical condition.  Although eight suspects were detained in connection with the explosion, the cause and intent of the incident remains unknown.

According to sources close to the Yemen Post newspaper, the explosive device was said to have been placed at the entrance of a hotel adjoining the market, yet the identity of the detainees or their motives remain undisclosed.

The incident occurs at the heels of the Gulf Cup of Nations, which concluded without any much-feared security lapses, and as Yemen combats an increasingly violent threat posed by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.   Blasts of the same kind and location are not unprecedented, as a mysterious blast in the al-Talh neighborhood of Sana’a occurred in 2007 claimed 20 casualties and remains unsolved.