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Islah in Abyan: the Ruling Party Will Lead the Country to Disaster

Under a banner reading, “peaceful struggle is our way for national dialogue to help Yemen solve its crises,” the Abyan branch of the Islah party held its fifth conference, in the presence of Islah members and the deputy governor of Abyan, Ahmed Jarfoush.

A number of speeches were given from the most prominent leaders of the various parties in attendance, which focused in the importance of sharing ideas on finding the right solutions to see Yemen out of its current political crises.

Nasser al-Boujairi, the executive chairman of the Islah Party in Abyan, said that the conference is occurring while Yemen is passing through a critical time in which the ruling party is pursuing a one-sided and mistaken strategy.

Opposition parties, including Islah, had recently performed demonstration and a parliamentary sit-in protesting the ruling party’s designation of procedures for upcoming elections, despite an opposition boycott

“We just wish that the ruling party would think a little bit about leading the country toward peace and prosperity, instead of the thinking in this incorrect way,” said Boujairi.

“The temples will fall down on the proud heads if this continues, and the ship will sink along with all aboard. Violence, terrorism, and the killing of soldiers are rejected by the Islah party and its leaders,” he continued.

“We refuse any killing civilians under the excuse of fighting terrorism, like what happened in al-Maj’ala and elsewhere in Yemen, and we blame the JPC and government for that.”

Al-Boujairi’s comments referred to American air strikes, which killed dozens of civilians and several alleged al-Qaeda members, on the town of al-Maj’ala in Abyan in December of last year.

Boujairi concluded confidently that his party had offered an easy and comprehensive solution to the Yemen’s on-going problems, and accused the ruling party of the violence which had afflicted much of the country.

“Islah will continue its operations peacefully, and the government should admit the problems in the South and work toward solving them.”