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Tribal Clash Over Oil Bloc Leaves One Dead

One person was killed afternoon and six were injured on Saturday in a clash between two tribes over an oil company in al-Aqla, in the Southern Shabwa governorate, according to official sources.

A gun battle occurred between al-Nassi and Aal Esshaq tribes which resulted in the death of a civilian, Turki Mohammed, whose corpse was conveyed to the central hospital in Shabwa’s capital, Ataaq.

Two members of the al Nassi tribe were injured, while four got injured from the Aal Esshaq tribe.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the clash caused was caused by a disagreement over a local oil company, but certain sources confirmed the dispute involved the company’ bloc in the al-Aqla region and the two tribes both claimed ownership over the tract on which the company was operating.

Separately, one person from the al-Twassel tribe was killed and another was wounded in a clash with a military vehicle when the al-Twassil tribesmen stopped officials and demanded a share of the profits from the companies working in al-Aqla, which are now developing new oil and gas production projects.

Local citizens demanded that the Shabwa governor and the local council force the companies to carry out equitable wealth distribution in the province, in order to avoid the recurrence of disputes and clashes.

It was reported that the companies had only done so in Sana’a, ignoring the province, which has irritated the recent problems.