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Deadly Robbery of Electricity Vehicle in Abyan

Aerial view of Jaar, Abyan


Several government employees were killed and injured during an attack carried out by gunmen on a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Electricity in Abyan on the al-Jawlah roadway between the cities of Jaar and Zinjibar, at 9AM on Sunday.

National Yemen was informed that gunmen on two motorcycles intercepted the car of the electricity workers while they were on their way from Jaar to Zinjibar.  They reportedly fired a hail of bullets leaving four dead , and four others wounded, and proceeded to steal the money that the employees were conveying to the Central Bank, estimated at one million and a half Yemeni riyals.  They proceeded to escape to unknown destinations.

Radwan Mohamed Hydra, Nasser Abud al Nasser Jaber, Mahfouz Mohammed Omar, and Ghassan Mohammed Salam were killed on Sunday morning, while Wad Yasslim, Abdullah Hanash, Mohammed Akil al Kasma and Hydra Saleh  Mabruk were wounded.

Eyewitnesses reported that their bodies had been dumped on the road for almost an hour, in full view of passing cars, without being approached or rescued because citizens were afraid either of being harmed or subjected to legal accountability.

Similar attacks on cars delivering electricity payments have been witnessed in the past, which have resulted in casualties and the theft of vast sums belonging to the Ministry in Abyan.

The incident on Sunday was the worst of its kind to date.

In the meantime, local security forces have proven themselves incapable of apprehending the assailants or even discovering their identities in the past few months.

Citizens in Abyan expressed their indignation and resentment at the increasing incidence of murder, carjacking and robbery, and for not having recourse to local authorities and the security forces.

Salem Naji al-Fagir, Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Abyan said, “Unfortunately, killings have increased mysteriously and we have become no longer safe. Security chaos, the targeting of military posts, and acts of banditry reflects the State’s total incapacity in confronting the crisis.”

He appealed the State to assume its responsibilities towards citizens and establish a state of justice and law which must apply to everyone.

Arif al-Hajj, a teacher in the Office of Education in Abyan governorate said, “I believe such heinous acts will lead to disastrous consequences.  It is unreasonable to see your brother or one of your relatives having his blood shed on a road, like what happened today in the case of the electrical workers.”

Then he said in a tone of grief, “what have the electrical workers done to be killed and thrown on the road. I was in a taxi and I saw the dead bodies lying on the side of the road and wondered, have we reached this level of chaos?  Is the blood of Muslims so easily shed?

“Through you, I appeal to the Interior Ministry and security forces in Abyan to arrest those who have committed these heinous crimes against innocent citizens, who were only performing their duty.”