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Army Kills 8 in Hadramawt

Members of the armed forces of the 37th brigade in Hadramawt killed a number of citizens from the Bani Mura tribe in the Amad valley directorate last Friday, according to local sources.  The soldiers allegedly fired on a protest organized by the tribe over a job dispute with a Chinese company operating in the area.

Two citizens, Ali Nasser Bin Shamlan and Mahrous Bin Helaby have been exposed to various injuries during the shooting, which units of the army carried out while protecting facilities of the Chinese company “Nova Lei,” located on the highland plateau which overlooks the Amad and Haridh directorates.

The victims had been approaching the company’s headquarters in order to sign off on agreements proposed by the authorities and officials of the Chinese company regarding employing residents of the area in construction activities.  In a resultant dispute, the tribesmen were fired upon.  Eight of their ranks were arrested after the altercation.

The Bani Mura tribe held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and attempts to seek retribution from the government and the release of their detained members.