Political Analysis

Clinton Neglects Southern Issue, al-Beidh Despondent

Former South Yemeni president Ali Salem al-Beidh refrained from any official statements or political activity during the last two days after Hillary Clinton’s visit to Yemen as a sign of protest, after the Secretary of State neglected to  even mention the Southern Movement, according to a source in the South News Network,

His protest even extend to like-minded dissidents, as he refused to communicate or even respond to fellow separatist leaders during their activities on the anniversary of January 13. Al-Beidh delivered no statement, despite repeated attempts to contact him.

The same source declared that al-Beidh is suffering from severe anxiety and has been advised by doctors to rest and to curtail his political activities.  Many of his detractors in the movement would approve, as he seems to have proven himself incapable of unifying separatist ranks.

The same source at the South News Network confirmed that al-Beidh was informed a few days ago that the movement had been infiltrated by government authorities, including some leaders whom he trusted and paid large sums of money, which was severe shock to the reclusive leader.