Political Analysis

Hard-line Groups in Ibb Make Presence Known

Ibb governorate has witnessed a recent state of security unrest, including a spate forcible confiscation of lands by influential people and signs radical activity have began to appear on walls.

Graffiti has been posted on the sides of houses on the al-Sayyaani hill. A flag, reminiscent of that used by the al-Qaeda organization that appeared in Abyan, was depicted in some instances, along with the statement “The Caliphate… power is on its way.”

The wall art consists of three parts: white paint, a brief message, and then the drawing of a black flag on which is written “The No God except Allah and Mohammed is His Prophet.”

On Sumara Mountain, lying in the South of the governorate in central Yemen, eight scawls were drawn on both sides of the road, in addition to two others on the top of the mountain near the security zone to its South, and a checkpoint to its North.

Messages include, “the Caliphate is the Promise of Allah,” “the Caliphate is the pinnacle of duties,” “Caliphate, Caliphate, Muslims, it is your obligation, the source of your power that will defeat your enemies and liberate your land,” “the Caliphate will save the world from the catastrophes of capitalism,” and the “the Caliphate is the power of the Muslims.”

Photographs of these posters were made with great caution.

It is notable that the appearance of the stencils coincides with proposals made to amend the electoral law and to form an electoral oversight committee consisting of several judges – both of which opposition parties fiercely oppose.

There are those in the area who view the phenomenon as the last signals of the opposition, to the effect that it can incite underground organizations through inflammatory statements in their conferences and in Friday Sermons with regards to the southern cause, the restive North, and the killing of innocent Yemenis by US airstrike – without the knowledge of the leadership.

An opposition mantra has been, “It is clear that the people and the world know who supports terrorism, sabotage and taking control of Yemen.”

A security source in Ibb said that the drawings on the road were made by hard-line groups and were put there in the severe cold of the winter season and that the security services are in the process of investigating them.