Political Analysis

JMP Rally in Shabwa Blasts Ruling Party

The opposition Joint Meeting Party coalition organized a rally al-Jabiya region of Southern Shabwa governorate last week.  The activities were managed by Ali Mohamed Amer al-Khulaifi, a local JMP leader.

He delivered a speech on behalf of the coalition saying,  “The ruling party doesn’t want to resolve problems peacefully. It seems they want the country to be plunged into further crisis, so they have a decision to make.”

Al-Khulaifi appealed to the ruling party to respond to the demands expressed by a wide array of dissenting political parties.

He called on the ruling party, the authorities, and civil society organizations to shore up constitutional legitimacy and not to “rig the elections in advance.”

“Respond to international warnings and respect the principles of the revolution, the foundations of unity, and back off on the proposed election date,” he warned, saying that otherwise, the JMP, along with all aligned parties would resist the “coup on constitutional legitimacy through all peaceful means.”

Addressing the citizenry of Yemen, he declared, “you should reject the constitutional amendments that call for the perpetuation and extension of the ruling party. They will not fulfill their promises.

“Say no for the proposed changes,” he concluded.

Appeal was made to improve the situation of the southern provinces and to reconstruct what the war of the summer 1994 had ruined.

He noted the importance of equal citizenship in the eyes of the law, and equity in the distribution power and wealth.

Also, al-Khulaifi called for an inclusive national dialogue which will “resolve all crises in the homeland and involve all people in the range of issues facing the country.”

Throngs of citizens and leaders of the JMP attended the event, hailing from Ataq directorate and other parts of Shabwa governorate.