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President Saleh informs Qatari Emir on Houthi violations

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has accused Houthis in Sa’ada, northern Yemen, of carrying out violations against Qatar-brokered executive program to make peace in the province.

In a phone conversation on Wednesday, President Saleh informed Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani that Houthis continue to “attack citizens in Sa’ada, reject to free abductees and military vehicles, disturb security and set new checkpoints,” official Saba reported.

Saleh highly appreciated Qatar’s efforts to held Yemen make peace in Sa’ada, but threatened Houthis of “bad consequences” unless they commit to the peace deal.

The government has recently released more than 428 Houthi detainees under the supervision of a Qatari mediation team.

Houthis have also handed over 21 military vehicles to the Qatari mediation committee and announced they have released all military equipments they took over during conflict that came to end in February 2010.