Political Analysis

Ruling Party in Ibb: Delay of Polls will cause “Lawlessness, Rioting”

The Ruling GPC party and its allies in Ibb governorate stressed that parliamentary elections must be carried out on time during a conference last week.

The country has witnessed internal political tensions and protests in recent weeks over the procedure and oversight of the polls, scheduled for April.  Many analysts foresee political disaster and even the outbreak of violence as a result of the current deadlock.

The GPC, the national democratic alliance parties, and local civil society organizations in Ibb governorate characterized the conduct of the parliamentary elections on 27 April 2011 as a constitutional and legal necessity, which cannot be disrupted by any party or partisan political forces in Yemen or abroad.

The official statement of the meeting confirmed the importance of completing all  the elections procedures on the scheduled date. It also warned that, if any further delay is made to the proceedings of the current Parliament is made, the constitution will “lose its value,” subjecting the republic to “political tensions which may move us from a state of law and order to a state of rioting.”

Al Barakani commented that a signed agreement between the opposition Joint Meetings Party and the GPC had already extended the term of the House of Representatives for two years at the request of the JMP  to approve all constitutional amendments.

In addition, such changes to normal procedure “tended to disrupt the national dialogue, and introduce obstacles and difficulties.  They have even demanded the release of prisoners accused of banditry, murder, and disturbing national unity.

“This results in divisiveness, and support for terrorist elements such as the Houthis and al-Qaeda, but all the while the JMP denies terrorist acts.”