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1,030 security force members killed, injured in 2010

A total of 1,030 members of Yemeni security forces were killed or injured in battles against Yemen-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and southern separatists in 2010, the Interior Ministry announced on Thursday.

The ministry specified in a statement on its website that 178 security force members were killed, mostly in combat against AQAP, and 852 others were injured.

The Yemeni government’s battles against resurgent al-Qaida have been taking place across the country, especially in the southern and eastern provinces, while the clashes against separatist Southerners were localized in the southern provinces.

Besides troubles from al-Qaida and armed southern separatist, Sanaa is also trying to cement a fragile ceasefire deal with Shiite rebels in the north.

Since the failed attempt by a Nigerian allegedly trained by AQAP to blow up a U.S. passenger plane bound for Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, Washington and the international community have put heavy pressures on Sana’a to solve its internal conflicts and focus on fighting Yemen-based al-Qaida regional wing.