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Criminal Investigator Killed in Shabwa

An armed group attacked the Deputy Director of the criminal investigation department, Ateq Alamry in al-Mayfa’ah directorate, Shabwah governorate on Monday, local sources reported.  The incident also resulted in the death of another soldier, Sabri Salem Baleid, after which the assailants fled to parts unknown.

The attack bore all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda, local sources noted.

The terrorist organization is reported to be active in the al-Hawta area in al-Mayfa’ah directorate, after recent clashes with the Yemeni army, even after the army’s announcement that it controlled the area and had cleared it of al-Qaeda elements

Also, an attack was carried last Saturday out after midnight by unknown gunmen on the al-Jalfur checkpoint in Ataq which greatly distressed local citizens.