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Police Foil Kidnapping Attempt on Four Czechs Tourists

The Yemeni Interior Ministry reported that police clashed with three gunmen who tried to kidnap four Czech tourists on Monday in the directorate of al-Haimah, 70 kilometers west of the capital Sana’a.

The gunmen fled promptly, leaving their car, which was damaged by gunfire discharged by the police forces. In the course of the gunbattle which led to the release of the kidnapped foreigners, two policemen were wounded, as well as a local bystander, who was a child.

The ministry has emphasized that the Czechs survived without being injured.  The incident is the second of its kind in the region during the past two years.

Local representatives’ mediation in the parliament succeeded in releasing an American tourist and his wife, who were kidnapped by Gunmen in al-Haimah directorate in late May of last year.

According to Abdullah al-Siyaq, one of the notables in the region, the region is safe and it has not witnessed any cases of kidnapping, arguing that the recent incidents were rather an attempt to put pressure on the security authorities to free local detainees from their custody.

He reported that a committee of sheikhs and local leaders had asked to be given one last chance to persuade the kidnappers to release the American tourists.

After that, the region experienced a more substantial deployment of security forces. Al-Siyaq declared that this most recent kidnapping is related to the earlier incident, since the tribe to which the assailants belonged had been promised the release of their members, yet the authorities have yet to do so.