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Protests, Denunciations of al-Fadhli in South

The city of Zinjibar has witnessed a major security build-up on Saturday morning after the separatist demonstrations which took place Friday afternoon in the town and in nearby Ja’ar.

Protestors raised southern flags and pictures of the former southern president Ali Salem al-Beidh.

The southern movement also criticized the statement of leader Tariq al-Fadhli when he called the “sons of south” to demonstrations and civil disobedience on the coming 11 February.

Tariq al-Fadhli also confirmed in his message his widely-publicized falling-out with the other Southernist leaders, as well as his burning of the American, South Yemeni, and Yemeni flags, along with pictures of the southern presidents Ali Nasser Mohammed and Ali Salem al-Beidh.

Separatist demonstrations demanded the release of detainees and refused to respond to the call of al-Fadhli, especially after the high-profile flag- and picture-burning episode.

Demonstrations in Zinjibar have totally ceased for more than a year, ever since last February, when al-Fadhli declared that he had reached an agreement with the authorities and thereafter largely remained silent.