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Ruling, Opposition Parties Trade Barbs in Shabwa

The ruling General People’s Congress party and the National Alliance parties held a rally at the hall of the local authority building in Shabwa on Monday to shore up support for constitutional amendments and the conduct of the parliamentary elections on time.

The chief of the GPC’s branch in Shabwa, Nasser Mohammed Bajilm stated, “the GPC party and the National Alliance parties support holding the election in accordance with the Yemeni people’s will, and they are entitled to their constitutional right.”

He added, “the National Dialogue has failed between the GMP party and the JMP [opposition coalition] because the latter has rejected the continuation of the dialogue. We will hold elections on time and it will not influence us since we are all with the President and even the people of Shabwa condemn terrorism and stand with the armed forces fighting al-Qaeda.”

Dr. Ali Hassan al-Ahmadi, the Governor of Shabwa, delivered a speech in which he apologized that Prime Minister couldn’t attend because of the bad weather conditions that supposedly prevented his plane from landing. He pointed out in his speech that the JMP has the right to oppose or participate in the parliamentary elections scheduled for 27 April.

“We hope to hold the national dialogue together in order to eliminate crises and rioting in the country. The time has come for Yemen to get rid of al-Houthi, al-Qaeda, unemployment, and inflation.  Shabwa has achieved development projects estimated at over YR 50,” he reported.

The JMP parties in Shabwa condemned the administration of the local authorities and the ruling party in the province. Party sources claimed that GPC officials forced students out of schools and compelled local employees to attend the GPC’s rally in Ataq.  Reports indicated that school principals urged students to attend the rally and promised them ten marks on their exams if they attended the gathering.

“The GPC party has proven itself inadequate, since it forces people to attend with coercion and intimidation,” said a source of the JMP.

The same source attributed to the ruling party the responsibility for the deterioration of standards of living and social services in Shabwa. Although Shabwa governorate supplies the state millions of dollars from oil, gas, and fisheries, only 50 billion has been allocated to Shabwa compared to other provinces.