Ruling Party in Ibb Flexes Muscles

The opposition Joint Meetings Party coalition held a festival headed by Aziz al-Zindani, Gareen al Fahd region, in al-Dalea governorate.

The local authorities deployed dozens of security vehicles of the Central Security to prevent the people of Ibb province from participating in the festival.  Al-Zindani accused the government of blocking the roads leading to the festival.

“We will not stay home, but we will come out into streets carrying out marches. We are against insurgency and using arms against the State. Shooting and intimidating citizens is a notable conspiracy organized by the GPC’s leadership,” al-Zindani declared to the crowd.

“We are ready for the formation of revolutionary committees to search internal and foreign bank accounts to know who plundered the wealth of the nation and who irritated the Southern issue,” he added. He went on to hold the ruling party responsible for unemployment, inflation, and other widespread grievances.

“The JMP no longer has any initiative to resolve crisis through the national dialogue. The security authorities have set a number of security obstacles to prevent the participants of this rally, even by walking to its grounds, by blocking the roads,” al- Zindani said.

Some attendees noted to National Yemen that they had been insulted, searched, and some others had been prevented from raising logos and banners. On the other hand, journalists had been prevented to access the rally site and even bus drivers were reportedly barred from entering Ibb province.

Ibb governorate’s assistant to the deputy governor Ali Mohammed al-Zenam announced last week, “it’s clear and evident that holding of elections on its legal scheduled date is applies the provisions of the constitution”.

He reported that the political tensions between the ruling party and the opposition may move the country from “a state of law and order to a state of rioting. It seems that the oppositions parties has tried to intimidate people, and all just to escape the elections.”

“The opposition no longer has the people’s trust, and dreads a repeat of the election results of 2006. Therefore, both oppositions parties and the authorities must respect the constitutional deadlines and accept the elections’ results as well.”