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Teachers’ Syndicate Denounces Investigation of Separatist Slogans

The Yemeni teachers syndicate in Lahj denounced the security authorities’ investigation of nearly seventy teachers from Ammar bin Yasser School for boys and Aisha School for girls in Kersh center, Hadaba directorate of Lahj province. The charges were described as “false and malicious,” and focused on the writing of separatist slogans in the two schools.

A member of the governing body of the union, Jamil Mohammed Salem, commented, “the ones who have written hostile slogans which targeted Yemen’s unity are from the ruling party. They claim the protection of unity to fabricate charges to those schools.”

In a statement on behalf of the teachers’ syndicate, he appealed to respect and value teachers. Also, he called to account the ones who loot the people’s money under the guise of promoting unity and security and further called for the immediate cessation of the ongoing investigations.