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Armed Clashes Simmer in Shabwa

From the early morning on Thursday, army forces deployed armored and military vehicles at main intersections and checkpoints to apprehend Southern Movement leader Nasser al-Nubia, Authority Chairman of the Southern Movement in Shabwa.

Sources close to the activist, as well as the President of the Association of Retired Military Personnel confirmed that crowds demonstrating in support of the movement had come from Bayhan, Nesab, Mepha’ah, Haban and some other areas around Ataq, capital of Shabwa governorate.

Local sources reported that armored military and security vehicles fired a hail of bullets on the roving crowds. In the meantime, an armed clash carried out between al Hirak elements and the security forces used heavy and light arms and the battle lasted for an hour as local shops were shut down and civilians sought shelter.

In other developments, a number of the southern movement leadership was arrested last week in the area, including Nasser Thabit al-Awlaki, Salem al-Hol al-Khalifi and some activists working in local schools. In the meantime, the security forces have warned the Movement against carrying out any demonstrations in Ataq in the coming days and weeks.