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Fierce Battles Rock Lahj

After the region of al-Habilayn, in Lahj governorate, had witnessed a lull in violence for two days, the army on Wednesday night renewed shelling on the town, which is considered one of the major bastions for the Southern Movement.

A man was killed and a child wounded during the confrontations, while loud explosions were heard in different parts of the city during the past few weeks of fighting between militants and the army.

A local source noted to National Yemen, “The bombardment of the city killed one person named Hisham Askar al-Yafa’ai and injured a child called Moahib Mohamed Ahmed after the fall of artillery shells and mortar fire on their houses. More than 20 houses as well as a number of shops and generators were damaged, which caused the power to cut off in the city.”

Eyewitnesses said that Hisham al-Yafa’ai, whose family had moved to the city due to the bombardment of their rural home, was found this morning at his home killed after a number of mortars had penetrated his room and he was seriously injured in the head and chest.

The city of al-Habilayn has witnessed the displacement of thousands people because of the ongoing confrontations.

There was local speculation that the military may move toward al-Habilayn from the direction of al-Jada’a, one kilometre from the town. In the meantime, army tanks, rocket launchers and military vehicles remained deployed around al-Habilayn district.