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Four Soldiers Killed in al-Mukalla Ambush

Four soldiers of the public security were killed along with one citizen on Firday in an ambush carried out by a group belonging to the al- Qaeda terrorist organization on the road between al-Shahr and Wadi Ais leading to the east, near the Southern city of al-Mukalla.

The soldiers killed were Salem Bin Junaid, Rabea’a al-Jabri, Haitham Mohammed Saeed Jundi, and Naif Ba Sabri, as well as Chief Financial Officer of Hadramout, Omar al-Amoodi.

An official source in Hadramaut confirmed that the incident occurred when an official mail car was heading eastward from Shahr. They were intercepted by two motorcycles and had their cargo of retirees’ pensions looted.  Moreover, the terrorist elements forced them to get out of the postal car and tied them up.

Meanwhile, a second group fired on the security vehicle that accompanied the mail car, leaving 4 of the public security’s members dead. The third group fled promptly with the money estimated at YR 12 million. On the other hand, a local source stated that all the security points had been informed to pursue the offenders and bring them to justice.