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Military in Shabwa Receives Advanced Vehicles

Security apparatuses in Shabwa carried out a security campaign to purse suspected elements of al-Qaeda in the regions of Nusab, al-Saeed, and al-Hootah in Shabwa directorate. This campaign was held after a security official of Mayfa’a region in Shabwa was killed.

An armed group’s attack in Azzan City claimed the life of the and local First Assistant who was the Deputy Director of Research, Aatiq al-Omari, and his another man was injured  in Shabwa.

In the meantime, Ataq city in recent days witnessed of a number of military attacks on Security headquarters, which led to the deaths of a number of soldiers and others injured  during earlier periods. Also, modern military vehicles had been distributed for the security apparatuses to gain control over the security situation in the governorate.

On the other hand, hundreds of Bayhan tribe’speople  in Shabwa , along with some tribes continue to carrying out  sit-in, Azzan City  in Shabwa. They refuse to receive the body of the assistant  unless they reveal  the perpetrators and arrest them.

According to some sources, there is a local mediation headed by al- Sheikh Ali bin Rashid, Agent Governor of Shabwa and  al-Sherif Ahmed Mohsen Abboud, chairman of the Executive Office to reconstruct and to calm tensions in Maifa’a region. In the meantime, citizens in Shabwa condemned the killing of Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation.