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Minister Diverts Medical Equipment to Hometown

The Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Abdul Karim Rasa’a, has diverted the delivery of CT scan equipment whose value is estimated at $250-300. The Chinese government had donated the medical machines to the Republican Hospital in Sa’ada to help treat those injured in the war in the North.

According to the Office of the Director General of Health in Sa’ada governorate, Dr. Hanbosh Hussein, the representative office of the ministry told him that the minister himself, Mr. Rasa’a gave his instructions a week before on an official holiday to transfer the CT equipment to one of the hospitals in Hajja, in the minister’s hometown.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health and Population Dr. Omar Mojalli, who confirmed the news, condemned the action, pointing out that the CT scan, medical equipment, medicines, and clothes were purchased at US $700 paid by the Chinese government to alleviate the consequences of war in Sa’ada.

Mojalli reported that the Ministry of Health had implemented a plan for the distribution of such materials and equipment to three governorates: Sa’ada, Amran, and Hajja.

He confirmed that the CT scan was awarded to the governorate of Sa’ada because of the geographical remoteness from the capital Sana’a and the serious medical conditions, diagnosis of which requires the CT scan.

Since the ministry had committed to the Health Office in Sa’ada to secure those medical equipments, the office had already completed all the requirements of the CT scan section in the Republican Hospital in Sa’ada .

Dr. Magali expressed his wonder of what minister, Dr. Rasa’a, has done. He demanded him to handover the CT to the Republican Hospital in Sa’ada immediately.

Minister Rasa’a justified his action by saying that he was afraid that the Houthis may have stolen the medical devices. A year ago, when the Minister of Health was on a visit to Sa’ada, he had  promised to buy a CT scan for the hospital due to many cases which are referred from hospitals in Sa’ada to the capital Sana’a and the lack of this type of medical equipment in the war-ravaged North.

Dr. Hanbosh Hussein noted to the National Yemen that the ministry has recommended the Office of  Sa’ada to supply the republican hospital in the governorate with medical equipment.

According to Dr. Hanbosh, the health office in Sa’ada has funded the section at over YR 1 million, according to the specifications proposed by the ministry.

In the meantime, Dr. Hanbosh expressed his disappointment at depriving the population of Sa’ada of badly needed facilities, and he wondered why the ministry had requested  the Office of Health in Sa’ada  to equip the section and wasted  millions while  the health sector derived no benefit.