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Abyan Tribal Battle Claims Lives

An armed confrontation occurred between the al-Rahawi and al-Flays tribes in the centre of Ba Tes directorate, Abyan governorate, Monday morning, which resulted in the death of two and the serious injury of four other people.
A source mentioned that the fight was initiated by two young men from the two tribes which developed into an armed fight and ultimately resulted in the death of both, Ali Salem Faraj and Saeed Ali Faraj, as well as their cousins Khamees Ali Faraj and Mohammed Ali Faraj. 
Casualties among the al-Fleis were Mohammed Bashi and Hamada Almukassar, who were only injured.
An earlier fight took place last Ramadan between the two tribes, and a member of the al-Fleis was killed by general director of Khanfar directorate Ahmed Ghaleb al-Rahawi’s guards.
Clashes happened again between the two tribes last week and an armed group from al-Fleis shot gunfire on Ahmed Ghaleb Alrahawi’s vehicle on the way between al-Hisn and Ba Tes directorates, causing the injury of the general director’s daughter and son who was taken to Jordan for urgent treatment.
Deep tension has risen in the area after the blocking of the main road leading to al-Hisn, Ja’ar, and Zinjibar by the al-Flays tribe, causing a traffic jam especially for large trucks loaded with cement from al-Wahda cement factory located in Ba Tes directorate 30km north of Zinjibar, capital of Abyan governorate.