Al-Dalea governorate, poverty and challenge of Survival

Al-Dalea governorate has recently been passing through a critical time. For a year now al-Dalea has been seized by protests, clashes, assassinations, and attacks on soldiers and civilians.
A number of security obstacles have been implemented to intimate people. Unfortunately, al- Dalea remains unsafe. Security chaos, the targeting of military posts, and acts of banditry reflect the State’s total incapacity in confronting the current crisis.
The citizens of the area have suffered from the deterioration of the social services as well as infrastructure because of the lack of security, already high food prices have been raised, and unemployment is exacerbated by slow economic growth, and investors have moved to the northern cities to escape economic crisis.
The Southern Movement in al-Dali was the first spark for other provinces and it is part of the reason for the current troubles. First, it led people to demand for the pensions of retirees and then it changed its policy to secession and the devolvement of state power, in addition to inciting people against citizens in the north.
The region has witnessed ghastly incidents of bloodshed and killing, which have increased during the Movement’s recent activism. Recently, conflicts among leaders of the “Hirak” have weakened  the Movement. In addition, Tamah’s hostile statements against the opposition party and his appeal for others to resign fromthe party and from the Hirak leadership is clear evidence of further lack of stability al-Dalea
Many citizens strongly condemned the brutal attacks. Recent incidents include the massive build-up of the army’s presence, the deterioration of standards of living.  A significant number of local citizens blame the Movement for whatever rioting and chaos persists in the area, and clearly do not support their agenda.
The governor of al-Dalea, Ali Qasim, has sought to resolve the governorates’ many issues after  the previous governors had failed in resolving these problems. Also the ultimate security leader in the area, Ali Qasim’s widely-respected patience has enabled him to eliminate the most violent signs of crisis in al-Dalea, which is considered safer compared to the other governorates of Abyan and Lahj.
On the other hand, some observers believe the current crises in al-Dali can been attributed to Ali Qasim, who is controlled by the regime.
Al-Dalea needs to create more opportunities for all these seeking jobs and to reduce prices to make more citizens believe in the State and support unity. Al-Dalea’s citizens demand a stop to the current hostilities and a resolution for disagreements especially in a final and conclusive way.
Citizens of al-Dalea have repeatedly appealed to the government to fulfil  peace and prosperity and solidify the tenuous peace to avoid the recurrence of disputes and clashes.