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AQAP Executes Security Official in Sa’ada

The al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula organization has announced the execution of deputy director of political security, Ali Mohammed Salah Al-Hussam on Tuesday. According to a spokesman of the group, whose communiqué appeared in an audiotape spread on the Internet, Colonel Al-Hussam has been executed “as a lesson to others.”
The colonel was kidnapped in Sa’ada in August last year by the jihadi organization after Yemeni authorities had refused to release all the detained activists of the organization, per its demands. Al-Hussam remained missing until al-Qaeda’s announcement that it was detaining him. He was kidnapped on 26 August from his home in the al-Thoobat region of Sa’ada governorate.
According to a statement published on some jihadi web forums, “Colonel Hussam was running networks to spy on Muslims for the last twenty years. He was intimidating people and raiding the homes of innocent people as well as kidnapping some students from Dar Al-Hadith in the Damaj valley. Our partisans had been imprisoned in the political security,” according to the statement.
Security authorities were given 48 hours to release the militants, Hussein al-Tais and Mashoor al-Ahdal, who were detained in a check point belonging to the Houthis in al-Jawf, afterward they were referred to the political security in Sa’ada.