Education Ministry, Only 15km Away, Neglects School

July 17 School’s students appealed to the President, Ali Abudullah Saleh, as well as the Minister of Education, Abdul Salam al-Jawfi, to build their ruined school located in the Haziez region in Sanhan directorate.
Students of July 17 School called on officials to hasten reconstruction of the school to alleviate their suffering.
They were complaining that they had lacked sufficient facilities for seven years due to negligence and indifference, for the neighbouring unit land “2B5” on which the school is located had been seized eight years ago.
They said in their appeal, “it has been seven years and still we don’t have a public school in our region like other schools in the Republic of Yemen.”
They added, “As you know and everyone knows, schools throughout Yemen have reached plains, mountains and deserts – which is considered a major achievement.  Actually, our region is only 15km away from your ministry, still we don’t have any educational institutions in our region.  Because of the increasing of student population from year to year, we rent a house for more than 600 students to study there.”