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Ibb Penitentiary: a Waking Nightmare

The Central Prison is no longer convenient for humanitarian use in terms of health and populations which exceeds twice the safe number. Radwan al-Bater, who spent time in the facility, said Ibb Central Prison penitentiary requires a speedy restoration and an expansion of classes and training centres.  In fact, a paltry eight trainees have graduated from the sewing class after being trained for eight months at the expense of the prison administration, besides 24 trainees still in the process of studying.
The penitentiary’s condition is no longer capable of accommodating prisoners, since it is located on the edge of a reservoir whose moisture has consistently caused disease among the inmates.
Colonel Ali Saleh al-Ghani said that the number of prisoners are 1400 in total, stationed to the murder section, which includes 800 inmates, the juvenile section with 200 inmates, the theft section with 200 inmates, and the women’s section, with 20 inmates.
The Director of the penitentiary pointed out that Ibb penitentiary is allocated to accommodate only 800 inmates.  Each inmate lies on a few small tile space, which escalates the risk of infectious disease and thefts as well. The director pointed out that Central Prison Penitentiary lacks a lot of essential facilities compared to other penitentiaries in Sana’a and Aden.
The Women Section requires the speed of restoration of the old building which costs of 200 million riyals .The building consists of 3 cell blocks which include 500 beds as well a paved courtyard which serves as a recreation grounds.
It also requires the completion of a reserve section which includes 200 beds at a cost of YR 30 million. In addition their are communication booths which enable prisoners to talk to visiting family members.
The penitentiary is workings on building schools, training labs, renovation and maintenance and establishing of the training institute for the purpose of providing the inmates with sufficient experience during their period in prison.
There are some people imprisoned on the charge of stealing a mere YR 10 thousand riyals, who are jailed alongside hardened criminals.