Political Analysis

Massive Opposition Rally in Shabwa

The opposition Joint Meetings Party carried out a rally near the center of the Ataq, capital of Shabwa governorate. The rally attracted ten thousand attendees from various regions in Shabwa, and it was far and away the largest gathering there in recent memory.
Zaid al-Shami, a member of Yemeni parliament and a major leader of the JMP, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the Egyptian people on their popular uprising.
“We came out into streets to call for social justice and our rights according to the law and constitution.  We demand that salaries for government employees be tripled, and for the armed forces as well. We call on the beneficiaries of the Social Welfare Fund to have their benefit tripled, and we call on poor people to be taken care of,” al-Shami said.
“We demand the government to give young people good job opportunities to decrease unemployment among people. We call for real sharing of wealth and oil, and we demand free and fair elections. We call on the cancellation of the elections committee, and we reject tyranny and the persistence of these elections,” he concluded.
Nagy Muhsin al-Sumi, President of the JMP in Shabwa, said to the crowd, “it’s the right time to change.  We reject the return to autocracy and the imamate. Yemenis have started a revolution against the current occupation and chaos, and there is no way to get rid of all these crisis unless we hold comprehensive dialogue involving all the Yemeni people.”