Political Analysis

Silence in Ibb, Taiz and Hajjah and Violations in Aden, Lahj,Hodeida and Sana’a

Twenty volunteers of civil society activists have participated in monitoring human rights violations in the demonstrations organized by the Yemeni opposition in Sana’a. No arbitrary arrest registered yet three cases of harassment by bullies were detected. An incident of an assault was monitored on demonstrators who went to the seventy square and denied access to the square and two of them were severely beaten by armed men in civilian clothes and threw stones at others before the soldiers of the Central Security intervened to disengage the clashes.
In Hodeida Tareq Suroor Hood team coordinator in the governorate was arrested against the background of his claim of releasing six detainees, who were released later on, and the destinies of the detained journalists Abdu hafedh Mo’jab and abdul hafeedh alhutami is still unknown. Sources said that he was kidnapped by gunmen in a car.
In Aden the organization’s volunteers said that authorities banned entering to Kreter where the apposing party announced its festival. It also disrupted communications between the rest parts of the city, deployed military tanks and armored vehicles in the streets of the city, thrown tear gas and arrested 25 people where two of them were seriously injured.
In Tibn directorate, Lahj governorate two kids were arrested and citizens were banned from reaching the festival of the apposing party in jisr Alhusaini area by the central security forces that blocked traffic by to implementing an undeclared campaign.
No violation cases registered in governorates of Taiz, Ibb and Hajjah and there are almost fifty young men carrying out a sit-open gate of Sana’a University, in Sana’a demanding the departure of the system. No case of violation registered against them until the moment