Political Analysis

Violence, Repression at al-Dhalea Rallies

“The coming revolution is a revolution of the people against injustice and tyranny.  The will of the people will triumph, regardless of the strength of the ruling party.  The president’s initiative went in vain,” Mansour Abu Assba’a said.
Security checkpoints have been deployed in streets and prevented the masses to access to the square of the opposition coalition’s gathering. According to some sources, the soldiers manning the checkpoint of Naqil al-Shaim fired a hail of bullets on people peacefully coming from the directorates of Juban, Damt and Qa’atuba.
They were also reportedly prevented from reaching the square in which the rally was being held.  Some checkpoints were also set up on the road connecting al-Hasha to al-Dali and al-Hasha residents were prevented access and participation in the festival. In addition, citizens of Maris area were forced to walk on foot to the festival square, as road traffic had been interdicted by security forces.
On the other hand, numbers of Southern Movement tried to infiltrate the festival of the opposition and clashes occurred between the JMP and  the Southern Movement, as members of each strived to form the majority of the gathering.