Political Analysis

Yemeni Opposition Agrees to Dialogue

Written by Staff

The opposition JMP coalition announced its acceptance of Ali Abdullah Saleh’s initiative when he called for his political opponents to reenter the national dialogue and form a national unity government.

Saleh has frozen proposed constitutional amendments in his ear

lier meeting with the House of Representatives and the Shura council last week.

The JMP had declared in their press conference in Sana’a today,

“We don’t reject what has been mentioned in the president’s initiative on the resumption of dialogue with the GPC, yet we demand international guarantees and the attendance of the friendly countries to Yemen as witnesses”

The JMP also called the authorities to “absorb the lessons of what happened in each of Tunisia, Egypt and what happened in our beloved homeland, and what could happen in the streets if the governor reneged on his promise.”

Yaseen Saeed Noman, secretary general of the socialist party, said “the political system in the country is not able to solve any problem, and we want to have a dialogue to save the country not the system.

“Any initiative has to be included under this framework. We don’t manipulate the streets, but when we move to the streets, we move with a clear vision,” he continued.

The president had pr

omised earlier that he will not seek to extend his presidency for another term or have his son inherit it.

“No extension, no inheritance, no resetting the clock” he said.

The president’s speech also contained a hint of postponing the elections scheduled for next April,

which the ruling party decided earlier to hold without waiting for the dialogue process to be completed.

President Saleh alluded to the possibility of abandonin the legislative elections in April, responding to the demands of the parliamentary opposition  which had organized popular movements hostile to him.

Saleh also called the JMP to a meeting with parliament, in which he said Shoura Council members would return to the dialogue and form a government of national unity.

Saleh presented an initiative which includes the resumption of dialogue between the ruling party and the parliamentary opposition in what is known as the quartet.

“I call on the opposition to freeze all planned protests, rallies and sit-ins,” he had added.