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Additional Military Forces to Secure Aden

Saturday Morning the government sent over twenty thousand additional soldiers to secure Aden after the rioting which occurred in the last two days. The solders blocked totally all access to al-Mansoura, Sheikh Othman and the surrounding areas to protect citizen’s properties, investments, and governmental buildings in case of robbery and loss of security.

The police office in al-Mansoura, post office, private shops and more than 30 cars were partially or totally damaged during last Friday’s “Day of Rage.” Eye witness said that the security disappearance on Friday afternoon left demonstrators to move freely, setting fire to tires, breaking store fronts, and looting governmental offices.

Two were killed and more than twenty five were injured in clashes between soldiers and demonstrators. The demonstrators were seen using machine guns, according to some eyewitnesses. A source reported to the National Yemen that security forces used live rounds, tear gas, and bludgeons to beat back the protestors.

Students have been prevented by their families from going to schoos due to the security problems in Aden, though university students at the university are still attending their  classes regularly.

Businesses, tourism, and other activities have been negatively affected by the current situation.

The governor of Aden Adnan al-Jifri has offered his resignation after the recent protests, despite his continued, harsh stance against calls for secession and against Yemeni National Unity.

Al-Jifri was the first governor to be elected, not appointed, during gubernatorial elections in 2008. Since then, Aden used to be the quietest southern governorate in Yemen, and even managed to the hosting of Gulf Twenty tournament successfully.

The people of Aden can be called the most educated segment of Yemeni society, and people there depend directly on their salaries. Poverty has increased to reach 40%. Property disputes, unemployment and corruption are the main challenge for Yemen in general and Aden in particular.

The current demonstration plan in the Southern governorate indicates a radical change.. A source for National Yemen said that the Southern Movement and the JMPS has shifted their demonstration from Abyen, Adhal’a, Lahaj into Aden after continuous losses and tight security in their governorates.

Some Adenis said that they have seen a new faces among the crowds in the streets, who have caused much of the violence and looting.

It was reported on Sunday that the leader of Yemen’s secessionist Southern Movement, Hasan Ba’um was arrested in the Aden by an “armed military group” on Sunday and was taken to an unknown location, his family said.

Ba’um was arrested in a hospital where he was receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, as many as 400 protesters staged a peaceful sit-in, holding banners saying: “No to oppression. No to corruption”.

The local council of Sheikh Othman, a directorate in Aden, said in a statement it resigned in protest at the use of live bullets by security forces against protesters which led to deaths and injuries in the city on Friday.

Dozens of men used their cars in the town of Karish to block the main road between Taiz and the southern port city of Aden, shouting  “the people demand the fall of the regime,” local residents said.

The huge presence of security in the road from Aden to al-Dhala’a can be seen with heavy military equipments of all kinds. For two months, more than 36 check points have been implemented to secure the travelers between the Southern and Northern governorates.