Political Analysis

Al-Zindani Weighs in on Political Crisis

Abdulmajeed al-Zindani, the prominent Islamic preacher and president of al-Iman University, called on speeding the agreement between the ruling party and the opposition on guarantees to run elections after six months for a representative, fair, and democratic government.

Al-Zindani demanded that peace prevail in the streets only if the President Ali Abdullah Saleh dismisses his relatives from power.

According to al-Zindani, the only solution available is through “forming a Yemeni national government of shared power where the ministry of defense belongs to the ruling party and ministry of foreign affairs and electricity to the opposing party.”

He stated in a press conference held by Yemeni religious scholars last Thursday that the attack on demonstrators is a crime with no statute of limitations.

Al-Zindani continued, saying that Yemeni religious scholars believe in change from within, citing from the events in Egypt and Tunisia, which constituted a great challenge to injustice.

He also stated that Yemeni scholars point was built on the “violations which took place in both of Tunisia and Egypt, when the authorities clung to its position.”

“The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt proved that change is happening in the Arab and Islamic worlds and a future of justice and development is coming whether peacefully or violently.”

He said, “the media has collaborated in covering up the events in the Arab world despite what they have been through,” thanking the al-Jazeera channel for their major role in covering the events in both of Tunisia and Egypt.

The scholars’ meeting also prepared a statement to be signed by Yemeni scholars from the entire republic and are going to be announced in the scholars meeting in Sana’a next Monday.